REI: Tell PFAS to Take a Hike

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Nearly every person has PFAS in their bodies. These chemicals stay in our bodies for years and don’t break down in the environment. Studies have linked PFAS to impaired fetal development as well as interfering with the thyroid and low birth weight, which can then affect children’s brains. LDA works to reduce exposure to chemicals like PFAS that may harm children’s brains and lead to learning, attention and other disabilities.

In the fall of 2022, LDA joined advocates from across the country to call on REI to tell PFAS to take a hike!

LDA state affiliates did REI store visits and talked to the managers in Illinois, Ohio, Oregon, Maine, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin. Alabama and Georgia affiliates also asked REI to get rid of PFAS chemicals.

As a company dedicated to the outdoors, REI must lead the outdoor industry away from these toxic forever chemicals. It’s time REI catches up with Patagonia and sets a firm deadline to get PFAS out of all products!

Picture of Tracy Gregoire

Tracy Gregoire

Tracy Gregoire is the Healthy Children Project Director for the Learning Disabilities Association of America, and is a long-time advocate for children’s health.

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