LD and Breast Cancer have More than October in Common

October is Learning Disabilities Awareness Month and Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Did you know that exposure to some toxic chemicals have been linked to both breast cancer and learning & attention issues? With our partners at Breast Cancer Prevention Partners, we are working to increase awareness of these toxic chemicals and how to reduce the risks for you and your families.

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Baby Food & Heavy Metals

94 percent baby food, fruits and vegetables tested contain heavy metals  that can harm kid’s brains * No child should be exposed to lead or

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Don’t Bug Me: Choosing Safer Bug Repellents

It’s summertime and for many people that means more time outdoors. People aren’t the only ones that come out more in the summer though. Insects do too. So, we turn to bug repellents like sprays to protect our skin from pests like mosquitos and ticks. But, did you know that the active ingredients in most bug sprays are pesticides? Yes, with many bug sprays, we are actually putting pesticides on our skin – and on our children’s skin, but we don’t have to.

Here are some tips for choosing safer bug repellents for your family this summer from Tracy Gregoire, LDA’s Director of the Healthy Children Project, and Sydney Cook, the Director of Science and Research at MADE SAFE.

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How to Keep Your Family Safe in the Sun this Summer

Who doesn’t want to be in the sun right? Sun provides vitamin D and is a boost to our moods. Those are both very good things for sure, but we still need to be careful. Here are a few ways to keep your family safe while you enjoy the sunshine this summer.

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