PFAS chemicals are contaminating water supplies across the US, adding to known neurotoxins in water like lead and arsenic. PFAS chemicals are linked to all sorts of health effects including cancer, immune suppression, and may also make vaccines less effective. We need your help to fight PFAS chemicals.  Please take a few minutes now to take these two actions on PFAS.

Action1: Nancy Beck has been nominated to lead the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). It’s one of the top federal agencies with the job of protecting us from dangers in everyday products, including toxic chemicals. Beck has a bad record when it comes to protecting our health. She delayed protections on lead, stopped the ban on brain-damaging pesticide, and weakened actions on PFAS chemicals. Call your Congressional Senators and tell them to say No to Beck.

Action 2: The National Defense Authorization Act includes PFAS amendments. Please help us pass these amendments to ensure there are national funding and action on PFAS chemicals. Call your Congressional Senators and Representatives and tell them to support the PFAS amendments.


Dark Waters Showing Hosts and Panelists 8/4/2020:

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Big thanks to our Dark Water panelists:

Joanne Stanton, co-founder of Buxmont Coalition for Safer Water, grew up in Warminster, Pennsylvania near two navy Superfund sites. Following her son’s cancerous brain tumor diagnosis, she became an activist for children’s health and advocates for chemical policy reform and enforceable PFAS drinking water standards.  Joanne also wrote a book on her experience and children’s environmental health.


Patrick Morrison leads the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) Health, Safety, and Medical Division. The Division seeks to identify hazards, develop and disseminate technical materials, and provide assistance so IAFF members can control the safety, health, and medical needs of firefighters.


Liz Hitchcock is Director of Safer Chemicals Healthy Families. She oversees coordinates the campaign’s advocacy efforts on Capitol Hill and at EPA and other federal agencies. A study by SCHF showed PFAS in takeout food packaging.


Maps of PFAS Contamination

EWG interactive map of PFAS water contamination nationally

EWG map PFAS industrial discharges



Attacking this problem one PFAS chemical at a time would take centuries, which is why LDA and partners are advocating to take action on PFAS chemicals as a class. Here’s a scientific paper that was just released that supports regulating PFAS as a class.

Washington Post interview with Rob Billott and Mark Ruffalo

Sharon Lerner’s series of PFAS contamination which provides a good background on PFAS. She also wrote this article on PFAS and COVID, Scientists Pin Blame for Some Coronavirus Deaths on Air Pollution, PFAS, and Other Chemicals